Audio InDepth

Includes 4 Hours of One-on-One Mentorship

Pyramind’s Audio InDepth online class is the second step in a two-course series, picking up right where Audio Fundamentals left off. This eight-week class will complete your comprehensive knowledge of audio. Based on the Pyramind text on the subject, this course will round out the "LifeCycle of Sound" and will culminate with a full understanding of how to best configure your project studio.

  • Microphones: being creative with mic choices and placement
  • Working with multiple mics and making cool sounds by misusing them
  • Understanding "in-the-box" production processes, including DAW, RAM, CPU and other three-letter terms that affect your ability to work well
  • Digital Audio: the do's and don'ts and why the meters you see may not tell you the whole truth
  • Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters
  • Speakers: how they work and where you should put them in your room for the best sound reproduction
Audio InDepth Pyramind Online Course

$395: Currently only available as a part of the EMP Online Producer Program

Pyramind Method Vol 1 - Audio Fundamentals
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I never write reviews, but I’ve been absolutely blown away by the training here. If I had mentors like this when I was first getting started 15 years ago, my life would be very different. These guys are the real deal.
— Tyron 6/13/17

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