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Make Great Music. Fast.

Work with inspiring mentors to produce release-ready tracks using our 20+ years of experience.

The EMP Online is designed for aspiring music producers who can’t make it to San Francisco, are tired of wasting time searching for useless tutorials (or underwhelming video-only courses), who still can’t finish tracks and keep wondering why their music doesn’t sound professional. We designed this program for you!


Learn From Inspiring Mentors

You can’t ask a video questions. With 42 hours of 1-on-1 mentoring you’ll work with real people (not just tutorials!) and get ALL your production challenges solved! Because having 50+ amazing teachers is better than 1…or none.


Finish Great Sounding Tracks

Stop wasting time on YouTube and getting stuck in production with a pile of unfinished projects. The EMP Online will get you to produce and finish up to 7 release ready tracks!

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Get Artistic Guidance You Can Trust

Pyramind has spent 20+ years identifying the problems struggling producers have. The EMP Online delivers the essential elements of the same trusted program we offer in San Francisco. You will produce great tracks with confidence so your mixes will rock the clubs - worldwide (we’re really, really good at this).

“The program has inspired so much in me. The process has been incredible. It finally feels like my production confidence is starting to flourish. Plus I am starting see money each month from all my music created since I joined the Pyramind program AND Spotify honored me with my own playlist!”

– Taz Rashid // Producing and Touring Artist // Spotify Spotlight Artist

Some Of Our Mentors


Ryan Origin

Ableton Certified Trainer // Produced with George Clinton, Flinch, Gridlok, Photek // Sound Design, Ableton Push 2

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Ken Loi

Thrive Music and Armada Music Artist // Ableton Live, Production, Mixing & Mastering Mentor



Dubstep Production, Logic Pro, Cubase & Ableton Live, Sound Design and DJing Mentor.



Native Instruments Controllers, Ableton Live, Ableton Push, MPC Controllers, Reason and Roli Controllers.


Jor van der Poel

Music Theory, Arranging, Native Instruments Komplete, Sound Design, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live.


Matt Donner

Music Theory, Composition, Arranging, Song Structure and Ableton Live.

Over 50 Mentors to Choose From!

“A producer suggested Pyramind. I was like, “this looks awesome. I'm just gonna try it.” And I'm so glad that I did. Because of the way that it was laid out, I truly feel like I know Ableton in and out now. Now when I have a sound in my head I want to lay down, I'm able to do it and get into creation immediately, not stop and dig through YouTube tutorials.”

– Jeffrey Brogger // aka BROGH // Producer and Touring Artist // Flux

“I felt it was necessary to write this letter and express how I felt because my concept of Ableton has completely changed thanks to Pyramind’s approach to teaching Ableton.”

— Serg R. (Ableton Producers Certificate)

The Courses in the EMP Online


Welcome to Ableton Live

Covers the basics of the software Live from basic layout and function of the two main windows, importing audio and MIDI, basic recording and editing of musical ideas, light mixing and the “Pyramind Method” of music production.

- 7 Modules, 48 Videos, 4 Suggested Mentorship Hours, 8 Weeks Suggested
- 1 Completed Track - Produced, Arranged and Mixed.

Production Workflows in Live

Continuing the exploration of Ableton Live, students will be exposed to many advanced production techniques that will allow them to work faster and create more interesting musical ideas. The overall process of music making remains the same but each musical idea or phrase created can become more complex and sonically interesting. Students will dissect each part of the creative process to a very deep level, sharpening their skills across the production process.

- 7 Modules, 45 Videos, 6 Suggested Mentorship Hours, 8 Weeks Suggested
- 1 Completed Track - Produced, Arranged and Mixed.


Music Theory

This course is an introduction to Music Theory and serves as both a background in music, songwriting, harmony, melody and rhythm. Ableton Live has some quirks with respect to Theory and this course both informs students of the foundations of music and various issues when employing them with Live. This course is supplemented with the text book “Workflow - Music Theory and Songwriting”

- 7 Modules, 39 Videos, 4 Suggested Mentorship Hours, 8 Weeks Suggested
- 1 Completed Track With Harmonic Modulation

Producing And Arranging

Producing and Arranging follows the process established in “Welcome to Live” and extended each part of the process into deeper concepts and decisions, including multi-layered rhythms, deeper harmonic bass, chord and melody choices, detailed arranging, detailed editing and detailed mixing.

- 6 Modules, 34 Videos, 6 Suggested Mentorship Hours, 16 Weeks Suggested
- 1 Completed Track, Produced, Arranged and Mixed.

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Audio Fundamentals I

Students will explore the two worlds of audio - analog signals captured in the real world (sound, electricity, audio levels) and the digital one (in the computer). As a mostly technical course, terms are defined and studio equipment setup and interconnections are described in detail. This course is supplemented with the text book “Signal Flow - Audio Fundamentals”.

- 8 Weeks Suggested, 2 Mentorship Hours
- One Pre-Certification Exam

Audio Fundamentals II

Students will continue to explore the two worlds of audio - analog signals captured in the real world (sound, electricity, audio levels) and the digital one (in the computer). As a mostly technical course, more terms are defined and studio equipment setup and interconnections are described in detail including the recording process for a full band. This course is supplemented with the text book “Signal Flow - Audio Fundamentals”.

- 8 Weeks Suggested, 2 Mentorship Hours
- One Pre-Certification Exam


Ableton Live InDepth (Sound Design)

This massive course covers every single device within Live (Suite edition) and each parameter therein. "InDepth" is both a technical “deep dive” into the devices as well as a technical foundations course in Sound Design, Synthesis, Sampling and Audio Effects (mixing).

- 6 Modules, 80 Videos, 4 Suggested Mentorship Hours, 8 Weeks Suggested
- 1 Completed Track Using Custom Designed Sounds, 7 Sound Packs.

Sound Design with Native Instruments

As a deepening of the student’s understanding of Sound Design established in “Live InDepth”, students will explore a suite of software tools from Native Instruments - the leader in sound making devices. Students will be exposed to the main devices within the NI Komplete bundle - Monark, Retro Machines, Massive, FM8, Kontakt, Battery and Absynth.

- 10 Modules, 76 Videos, 6 Suggested Mentorship Hours, 16 Weeks Suggested
- 1 Completed Track Using Custom Designed Sounds, 7 Sound Packs.


Mixing and Mastering

This course focuses on the final assembly and presentation of musical works - Mixing. The mixing process is the final stage of production and involves a deep understanding of Audio, Sound Design, Music Theory and the overall composition process, as well as the devices and function of Ableton Live. Everything from audio effects, arrangement, overall composition and automation are covered in this course.

- 5 Modules, 31 Videos, 6 Suggested Mentorship Hours
- 1 Completed Track, Fully Produced, Arranged and Mixed To Professional Standards.

“Overall, my experience has been great. I really like that the courses give you the percentage that you have finished - that visual is very helpful and keeps me on track. The mentors were awesome! They were eager to answer any questions and give honest feedback. I have really enjoyed this one year program and feel well-equipped to dive into the depths of music creation!”

– Dari Shaffer // Aspiring Producer // EMP Online Student

“I'm 100% in support of having live 1-on-1 hours with the mentors. This is by far the best value for the money that I can think of. I could not even get that in college! I'm one of those who found "regular school" boring and I'm stoked to have found a school like Pyramind which teaches me what I actually want to learn!”

– Pierre-Luc Pepin // Aspiring Producer // Graphic Designer

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The Electronic Music Producer Program Online

Individually priced, 9 classes and 42 hours of mentorship are $9,995. Enroll now in the EMP Online for the amazing price of $3,995! (a savings of $ 6,000!).

Need More Information?

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Click on the questions below for more info 

What courses are offered in the EMP Online?

The Online EMP program consists of 9 courses with 12 months of access to those courses. This program consists of the following courses:

  • Welcome to Ableton Live
  • Music Theory
  • Producing and Arranging
  • Ableton Live In-Depth
  • Audio Fundamentals I
  • Audio Fundamentals II
  • Advanced Production Workflows
  • Sound Design with Native Instruments
  • Mixing & Mastering with Ableton Live

Do you offer payment plans?

Financing options available under $365 per month. Payment plans are available at low interest rates based on credit. Fill out a simple form and we’ll let you know your finance options! Plans are available with terms up to 12 months to match your program. Find out more.

Can I get discounts on equipment or software?

We partner with industry partners so you’ll get access to the best tools in the industry, at a serious discount. ALL online students qualify for an EDU discount at most major retailers, including Sweetwater.

When does the program begin and how long does it last?

Start anytime you like! Once you enroll, our admissions team will get you setup (usually within one business day) and once you get your login info, you’re ready to go! You’ll have access to the courses and the mentorship session credits for up to 12 months.

How much time should I dedicate each week to do well in the program?

We know you’re already busy but you can go as fast or as slow as you have time. We recommend roughly 4+ hours per week per class.

Are the classes live or pre-recorded?

The course materials are available 24/7 as pre-recorded videos and text. The 1-1 sessions are LIVE and are scheduled at YOUR convenience. You’ll see the mentors and their schedules on the booking page - no more emailing back and forth to book time!

How does the mentorship work?

Each course has a list of suggested mentors who know the subject matter and the course materials. Within the class, you can click one link and book time with your mentor of choice. Once scheduled, your mentor will invite you to a live session online. There’s nothing to install or setup—just click the link in the invitation and you’re working within one minute!

What tools do I need before joining the course?

The most important thing you’ll need is your passion for learning and producing music! We recommend you already have the tools (computer, keyboard, headphones, internet connection, DAW etc). If you don’t already have the right gear, use your EDU discounts—provided by Pyramind—to gear up!

Will I be able to release / get signed after this?

We have many label relationships and are constantly connecting students with opportunities. This program will certainly get your music up to the professional level—IF you put in the work yourself. If the work is good, getting signed is definitely a possibility.

Do I have to miss work to catch my sessions?

Not at all. The course materials are available 24/7 so you can learn on your time, at your pace. You’ll see their schedules directly online so you can book at anytime you’re both available!

Can I book with different mentors throughout the program?

Yes! We understand that you will want and need different mentors throughout your experience. Every mentor brings their own personality, skillsets, and scheduling availability to the table. You get to pick which mentor works best for you at any time.

What is included in this program?

9 online classes, 42 hours of one-on-one mentorship, open access to all course content for one full year, education discounts on popular software, access to our online communities, and access to the entire mentorship network of educators.

If I fall behind, can I repeat classes?

Yes! However, with up to 12 months to go through the materials and use your credits, that might not be necessary. If something goes wrong, just reach out to us—we can pause your time and start you back up when the dust settles.

Absolutely! The courses are there for you as a guide and we recommend you follow the curriculum. But if you’re in the middle of a project and need to get 1-1 guidance that’s off-subject, simply book the time and solve the problem!

Do I really get 9 courses and 42 hours of private 1-1 training with ANY mentor in the network for that price?

Yes. Seems crazy but it’s real. The retail value of the 42 hours through our mentorship network is $3200 on its own, so for the extra $795 you’re getting ALL the courses, videos, text and projects, 12 months of anytime access, EDU discounts, and access to our online community.

How do the mentorship credits work?

You’ll receive $3200 worth of credits as part of the program. Some mentors’ time is more valuable than others so some hours are at the lower rate and some are at the higher rate. You can check your balance at anytime and you can use them as you like. If you only book the lower priced sessions you’ll get more than 42 hours! If you book the higher priced sessions, you may get less than 42 hours.

What if I run out of credits?

If you spend them all, congratulations! You are maximizing your time and likely developing at a ridiculously fast rate! If you need more support or just LOVE the experience, simply book time with your favorite mentors directly through the Mentor Network page.

Can I test out of classes if I’m already familiar with subjects?

Once you enroll, you have access to ALL the classes—even classes you think you might not need. We’ve found that many students are actually missing many details—even though they “know the software"—so we recommend you go through all the classes anyway. Regardless, you can still use ALL your mentorship credits on ANY subject. So, if you want to focus on more advanced subjects with your mentors, you can!