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Free Lite Classes vs Paid Classes

Our series of Lite classes are a great introductory to any of the DAWs we teach at Pyramind: Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools and Propellerhead Reason. Each of these Lite classes offers the first four video modules from our Welcome to... beginner-level paid courses. When you enroll in a Lite class, you'll receive these video modules in your email inbox over the span of about a week and a half so you can absorb the material and watch them on your own time. 

What do you get in the paid online courses

  • An instructor who is there to answer your questions and provide invaluable feedback throughout each of our 12-week courses
  • Assignments that ensure your understanding of the course materials
  • Forums with other online students to collaborate and learn collectively
  • Live webinars with the instructor 

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