Mixing & Mastering with Ableton Live

Includes 6 Hours of One-on-One Mentorship

This class covers the fundamental concepts that make up a mixing and mastering workflow in Ableton Live. If you are new to mixing and mastering or looking to ensure that you've left no stone unturned, this class is for you.  

The videos will lead you through a step-by-step process, taking an electronic dance music track from the songwriting stage all the way to final output. Each stage has very important steps that need to be executed in order to ensure a successful workflow and finished product. 

In addition to covering the Ableton plugins, you will explore tools from iZotope, FabFilter, Brainworx and Universal Audio.

This is a comprehensive course that will take you from beginning to end, ensuring your songs are ready for the dancefloor!

Pre-requisite: Pyramind's Production Workflows with Ableton Live online course or equivalent production experience

  • Creating mix stems

  • Volume, EQ and compression techniques

  • Stereo width and pan

  • Multiband dynamics

  • Saturation and excitement

  • Return FX techniques

  • Mastering EQs and compressors

  • Ableton Rack techniques

  • Virtual tape machines

  • Metering and loudness deception

  • Final export

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Mentors for this course:

 Pyramind is an Ableton Live Certified Training Center
After making music for over 20 years I now feel like I fully understand how to bring everything together and make it sound professional. Couldn’t be happier! I wish I could have had this kind of mentorship when I was getting started.
— Tommy P. 7/3/17

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