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My time at Pyramind was absolutely invaluable. I learned almost all of the skills in production, theory and especially business that have been paying off during my time at Pyramind. I am forever grateful to the staff there. It was the best education I could have hoped for.
— Jeffrey Tice

Music Business Mentorship with Scott Rubin: One on One Consultation

Music Business Mentorship is a unique and individual based one-on-one approach which gives each student a blue print on how to enter the very crowded but exciting world of songwriting and publishing. The concept of taking your music to market and creatively exploiting it is the new normal in today's music business. Scott's focus will guide you on how to register your songs properly to protect their value, the negotiation of licensing the works, and understanding what kind of income and how much can be made from the use of a copyright. If you create music, this one on one consultation will give you a tangible advantage in understanding all the pitfalls and common areas where most don't succeed in penetrating the music publishing and licensing marketplace.

How the Mentorship Works

  • Purchase either 5 hours ($995) or 2 hours ($595).  Consider whether you need a bit of mentoring (select the 2 hours for purchase) or perhaps an in depth series of consultations on how to move your career to the next step (select the 5 hours for purchase). 
  • You'll get a confirmation from Pyramind that your enrollment is complete AND a welcome email from Scott directly.  He'll provide you with his contact information (please don't share it with everyone!) and you should reach out ASAP to set up your first session.
  • Send him all your pertinent links (SoundCloud, website, brief history, ASCAP or BMI info if available) so he can get to know you before your first meeting.
  • You'll schedule your time with Scott directly.  The first meeting should schedule within 14 days of your purchase and you have 90 days to schedule all your time together.  After 90 days, the time is gone so don't hesitate!  Be proactive!
  • Scott will coach you on where to take your career, how best to position your music for success and what steps you should be taking now to move your career forward (at each session, he'll give you specific action items)!
  • If you need more, simply purchase the next block of time and keep going until you're on your own!
As a twenty year plus veteran of the music business with a distinct focus on music publishing, I am proud to partner with Pyramind in this new venture. Don't hesitate, this consulting partnership will be a valuable part of your training; something you can't afford to miss.

-Scott Rubin, Executive Vice President, Reach Music

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