Music Theory with Ableton Live

Music Theory with Ableton Live is taught by Pyramind co-founder and Chief Academic Officer Matt Donner. While the learning environment for this course is Ableton Live, the subject material is "daw agnostic", meaning the concepts are universal to all musicians and producers regardless of instrument or software of choice. This class covers fundamental aspects of music theory like rhythm, melody, and harmony by using real-world examples and showing you how to apply these concepts to your music. 

In this section, Matt discusses odd time signatures (a.k.a. 'odd meters') by looking at examples from across multiple genres.

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Instructed by Matt Donner, Pyramind co-founder & Chief Academic Officer


Matt Donner cut his Producer and Engineering chops in NYC while earning his Masters degree. He found himself working for high-profile studios like Sound on Sound (Diddy, Anita Baker) and Greene Street (Run DMC and Public Enemy). He went on to various TV studios and John Cale (Velvet Underground) that included 3 feature film scores using Pro Tools version 1.0 and a two-day live event to open the Andy Warhol Museum. After signing his band to an indy record deal, his cross-country tour brought him to SF where the drummer exploded – how typical.