Pro Tools for Game Audio

Includes 4 Hours of One-on-One Mentorship

If you are looking to find work in today's game audio environment, you need to understand that game audio is NOT like film or TV audio. It requires a unique set of skills, including working with game audio engines, such as Unity. Pro Tools for Game Audio provides you with exposure to the core skills, workflow, and concepts involved in creating game audio assets using Pro Tools systems and implementing them into a game built with Unity.

The lessons are divided between demonstration and hands-on exercises for creating assets (assessing, acquiring, recording, editing, and mastering, with ample time for experimentation with sample material), and understanding the game audio workflow and common techniques for implementing game audio directly into the game using Unity.

  • Working with dialog
  • Incorporating foley
  • Adding sound effects
  • Working with background (ambient) sounds
  • Creating an interactive music score
  • Incorporating realistic vehicle sounds
  • Creating dynamic cinematics

Recommended textbook: Avid Pro Tools 130 Official Courseware (only available through Pyramind)

Mentors for this course:

I never write reviews, but I’ve been absolutely blown away by the training here. If I had mentors like this when I was first getting started 15 years ago, my life would be very different. These guys are the real deal.
— Tyron 6/13/17

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