Enroll in the EMP Program Online for under $365 a month

Subject to approved credit. Submit the form below to begin the payment plan application process.


Terms & Conditions

Pyramind offers monthly payment plans to qualified individuals only.

Payment plans are not guaranteed and are based on a multitude of factors, including credit score and size of the enrolled program.

To qualify for a payment plan, fill out the form above, then we will securely send you a credit check form via Docusign. Once that is completed and returned, we process the application to see if you qualify. This process is generally complete in 48 hours.

You will either be offered a plan immediately OR asked to re-apply with a co-signer.

As part of the application, you will be asked to enter in your payment form. Once approved and you agree, we will enter this data into our payment plan portal, managed by Smart Tuition. The payment will be auto-deducted from your account monthly for the length of the term.

Payment terms are for 12 months.

Shorter and custom plans are available - please reach out to ask about something that works best for you.

Repeated missed payments will cause a termination of your enrollment.

Financing is handled with our partner Smart Tuition.