Welcome to DJ 101 with CDJ's, Traktor & Controllers | Lessons 7-8


 DJ 101 with Will Marshall | Pyramind | CDJ's Traktor and Controllers

Course Overview: Will Marshall is an in-demand DJ, consultant and coder who's worked with a who's who of top-tier talent and manufacturers. During his time as artist-in-residence at Pyramind, he not only taught the on-campus DJing class but also found time to develop this online class, write new drivers for the QuNeo (Keith McMillen Instruments), produce new tracks and consult with a dozen international DJs and producers.

This ground-up look at the art of DJ'ing begins with the basic fundamentals of beat matching, followed by more advanced techniques such as 4 deck mixing, Traktor, effects, EQ, levels, stage presence and psychology, track selection, setup and more.

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Lesson 7: Song Structure, Phrasing and Genre

  • 1:26 - Walk through of Bad Tango's Alignment.
  • 16:32 - Mixing Using Phrasing
  • 22:25 - Genr

Lesson 8: Effects

  • 0:57 - Overview of Traktor Effects
  • 1:35 - Effects Preferences
  • 6:46 - Effect Types
  • 12:24 - Pre vs Post Fader Effects