DJ 101 Free Course - Lessons 7 & 8

Thanks for signing up to our FREE DJing 101 course! In these lessons, you’ll learn about song form and song sections, style and genre mixing and more about choosing sections of songs for your set. As always, either move on to the next lessons OR book a mentorship session to get live 1-1 training from our DJ experts in residence!

Lesson 7: Song Structure and Phrasing

In this lesson, you’ll learn about song form and genre including:

  • 1:26 - Walk through of Bad Tango's Alignment.

  • 16:32 - Mixing Using Phrasing

  • 22:25 - Genres and song structure

Lesson 8: Traktor and Effects

In this lesson, you’ll explore Traktor, it’s layout and functions including:

  • 0:57 - Overview of Traktor Effects

  • 1:35 - Effects Preferences

  • 6:46 - Effect Types

  • 12:24 - Pre vs Post Fader Effects