Ableton Live Producers Certificate Program

Starts July 6th, 2015

12-Month Program

This six-class program gives you the full exposure to producing in Ableton Live. In one year you will progress through Live learning the DAW right along side Music Theory, Sound Design, Advanced Production and Mixing.

Other benefits include:

  • Eligibility for academic pricing on Ableton Live 9 Standard & Suite
  • Payment Plans available for qualified applicants. Pay as you go!
  • Live Certification Testing
  • Beatport Production Loop Collection
  • Pyramind Hoodie (Only upon successful Completion of Program)

Courses & Schedule:

  • First Semester: Welcome to Ableton Live
  • Second Semester: Ableton Live InDepth & Synthesis and Sound Design in Live
  • Third Semester: Music Theory in Live & Advanced Production in Live
  • Fourth Semester: Mixing and Mastering with Ableton Live

Thanks for everything this school has done for me. It has been nothing but the best experience for me and I’m really starting to understand the flows of these programs.
— Matthew Allen (Ableton Online Student)