Payment Options: Upstart

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Thanks, you're already one step closer to becoming a better producer! 

We've recently partnered with Upstart ( to offer a new type of funding to our qualified students. Upstart is a great option for those who qualify, offering:

  • 36-month financing (so you can pay less per month than you would on a Pyramind plan)
  • Competitive interest rates (often cheaper than a credit card)
  • Flexibility to borrow additional funds to use towards course materials like software and gear for your home studio
  • Quick and easy to get an application decision (just click the link to their site)

Payment Options: Pyramind

$0 Down, Low Monthly Payments


For those who don't qualify or aren't interested in Upstart, we offer payment plans for the following online programs:


Ableton Live Producers Certificate Program

Pay-in-full: $3,495

Monthly Plans - $0 to Start

Option 1: $639 / month x 6 months
Option 2: $219 / month x 18 months*

Logic Pro X Producers Certificate Program

Pay-in-full: $2,495

Monthly Plans - $0 to Start
Option 1: $439 / month x 6 months
Option 2: $229 / month x 12 months*

Reason Producers Certificate Program

Pay-in-full: $995

Monthly Plans - $0 to Start
Option 1: $129 / month x 8 months*

After you've decided which option is best for you, please continue the application process by filling out the form.

Our admissions team will send you our credit authorization form within 1-2 business days after submitting this form.

Please note: The programs that we have listed on this page are exclusively online training. For information about the payment plans we offer for our in-person training in San Francisco, please contact our admissions team here:

If you have any questions about these payment plans, don't hesitate to contact our online admissions department at:

phone: (415) 896-9800

*Students on these plans are limited to taking one class per 12-week semester


As a current Logic user, it’s good (and a little overwhelming) to realize how much about Logic I’ve forgotten or never knew in the first place, and how much more there is to learn. Thanks for this class. I really feel like I’m getting up to speed. This is huge!
— Morry C (Logic Certificate Program)
I’m learning a lot and having a lot of fun! This is mind blowing stuff! Thanks so much to you and the staff at Pyramind for putting it all together. There is just so much freaking awesomeness to absorb!
— Ron D (Propellerhead Reason Student)
I felt it was necessary to write this letter and express how I felt because my concept of Ableton has completely changed thanks to Pyramind’s approach to teaching Ableton.
— Serg R. (Ableton Producers Certificate)