The DJ Night Program

Learn the art of DJ’ing and begin your journey into the world of music performance - all at night while keeping your “day job”.


Start Your Journey In Music

Most electronic producers start as DJs. By learning the basics of music performance, you’ll also be learning about music and song structure. Building a foundation in DJ’ing can lead to a career in music and playing music for your friends, fans and with a little luck and a lot of determination, huge crowds!


Train With Touring DJ’s

Pyramind’s DJ instructors are professional DJs and performers, playing some of the biggest festivals and the Bay Area’s biggest clubs every week. You’ll learn about the gear, the craft and the business of DJ’ing from supportive teachers who do it for a living.


Build Your Skills With Hands-On Practice

Watching videos on DJ’ing is not the same as doing it. By taking our DJ courses, you’ll have lots of hands-on time on the decks in front of your instructors who will coach you to perfect your craft. Performing can only be learned by doing it over and over again in the safety of the classroom. You certainly don’t want to learn on your first day in the club!

Next Start Date - May 6th, 2019

Subjects Covered In Our DJ Night Classes

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DJ Night Classes

- Rekordbox software and song anaylsis.
- CDJ's and DJ Mixers.
- Creating a setlist and prepping the show.
- Showmanship and reading the crowd.
- Harmonic Mixing.
- Building a set list.
- EQing and working with FX.
- Promotion and Getting paid.

Additional Information about DJ Night Classes

  • All courses in the DJ Night Program are held at our San Francisco ground campus location.

  • 32 hours, once per week, 2 hours per night, 16 weeks.

  • Students will prepare a 15-minute performance.

  • Access to DJ rigs free during class time. Additional access may be purchased.

  • Discounts on gear are available through our partnerships with Ableton, Mixed in Key and Sweetwater Sound!

  • Tuition - $1,485 (includes registration fee).

Need More Information?

Contact us directly:
(888) 378-MIND Extension 202 or


Click on the questions below for more info 

What will I learn in these classes?

The DJ courses offered at night are exactly the same as the one's offered to our Full Time students so you'll get the same education. These are not "cheapened" versions! The subjects covered are listed above and are designed to take you from "wow that looks cool" to "yeah, I can DJ your party"!

Do you offer payment plans?

The DJ courses at night do not have payment plans available.

Can I get discounts on equipment or software?

Yes! We partner with industry partners so you’ll get access to the best tools in the industry, at a serious discount. ALL online students qualify for an EDU discount at most major retailers, including Sweetwater.

When does the program begin and how long does it last?

As shown above, we enroll 3x per year and the next start date is listed on this page. The two classes taken back-to-back (which is highly recommended!) lasts for 16 weeks.

How much time should I dedicate each week to do well in the program?

DJ students can purchase studio access to our live room to work out on our decks as much as possible when not already booked. However, to really be good at this, you should consider investing in the gear yourself (with your student discount!) and work out every weekend. We recommend at minimum 2 hours per week outside of class time.

What tools do I need before joining the course?

The most important thing you’ll need is your passion for learning and producing music! We recommend you already have the tools (computer, keyboard, headphones, internet connection, Decks etc). If you don’t already have the right gear, use your EDU discounts—provided by Pyramind—to gear up!

Will I be able to release / get signed after this?

We have many label relationships and are constantly connecting students with opportunities. This program is meant for beginners so to be honest, getting signed out of the DJ courses might be tough. However, most students continue on to the EMP Online program which can help you get to that goal!

What can I do if I fall behind?

Instructors are available for at least 1 hour per week / per class so if you meet 2 per week, that's 2 office hours per week! If you find you need more, you can book 1-1 live mentorship sessions through our mentorship network. Just follow the menu above to search for DJ mentors!

What if I need to take a break from the program?

Students have the right to take a Leave (4 months) due to family emergency, personal health concerns or financial hardship. Students returning from LOA will be re-enrolled into the program at the beginning of the Block of classes they were enrolled in during the Leave request.

I'm an Internatinal sudent, can I enroll in the DJ night courses?

No - International students should look at our Full-Time programs like the Electronic Music Producer program (music focus) or the Complete Producer Program (music and games/ TV/ Film focus).

Can I add courses to my program?

Absolutely! While it might be tough to find time away from work to take our Full-Time programs, most ANP students "upgrade" into the EMP Online program to round out their training while keeping their day job.

Can I place out of classes if I’m already familiar with the material?

The DJ night courses are meant to be a part-time program and is designed for beginners. If you're more experienced than this, you might want to enroll in the EMP online program OR book 1-1 mentorship sessions to round out your skills.