Become a Professional Producer in Just 1 Year

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Pyramind Is Professional-Grade Training

With over 30 years of history, only Pyramind is both a working production company and a training center. In that time, we’ve grown a community of professional producers, engineers, mixers, sound designers and educators - all of whom learned from caring instructors who’ve been on the ‘front lines’ of production and can help you avoid major pitfalls in your career path.

Our Full Time Ground Campus Programs

Immerse yourself in music production in our "one-of-a-kind"programs. Work in professional studios, led by great instructors and surrounded by creative professionals who care about your success.


Being a sound professional means being able to produce audio for a variety of clients. The Complete Producer program builds your skills in a wide range of disciplines - music and post production, sound design, audio engineering, and sound for picture and games. Only the Complete Producer offers this many career paths. Get the client to say “yes” to YOU when opportunity comes - be prepared by learning everything about sound!


Today’s tools allow for amazing music production - but if it were just about the tools, everyone’s music would be amazing. Great music is about the artist wielding them. With the Electronic Music Producer program, you’ll evolve your sound to the highest levels - your composition, rhythm, sound design, arranging and of course, mixing will get you noticed - by fans and labels alike.

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Pyramind has produced audio, dialog and voice over, sound design and music for some of the top games and game companies in the world - Insomniac, Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment, and Microsoft Studios, to name a few. From “Halo” and “World Of Warcraft” to the exciting new world of VR, you’ll begin your career in game audio by learning from working game audio producers.


Designed as an easy entry point for those unsure of their focus. In 8 months you’ll build your foundation for expertise in audio engineering and music production and be ready to either enter the job market or choose your specialty for the next 4 months of training.

Next Start Date - May 6th, 2019

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