The Core Audio Engineer


The Core is the foundation of Pyramind Training’s programs.
Designed for individuals who are self-taught and looking to ‘go pro’
- as well as people who are passionate but just-getting-started, the
Core blends what we consider to be the three critical elements of
success in any creative field; Creativity, Technology and Business.

I have to thank you and your entire team for all that you are doing. If Eric hasn’t expressed his enthusiasm and appreciation to you, he has to me almost every day. He is loving his Pyramind education, and I see (hear) real progress being made thanks to you and your team. I view the decision to enable Eric to pursue his passion of making music as one of my best.
— Kelly L. (Parent of Pyramind R&A Program)


  • 8 Months

  • 26 Classes

  • 544 Hours of Class Time

  • 656 Hours with Electives

  • 5 Manufacture Certifications

  • 12 Subject Tracks

  • 3 DAW's

  • 18 Portfolio Pieces

  • All Access Studio Pass

  • Free Class Repeats

  • Payment Plans Available

  • $19,995


 Featured Graduates

Daniel Blum - Drummer // Engineer

Max Savage - Producer // Engineer

Students Have Performed At: 

Pyramind Facilities

Pyramind is equipped with two multi-workstation labs, three Production Studios (that also serve as classrooms for designated classes) and three live rooms for recording. As students progress through the program, they develop the skills necessary to work in the various rooms.