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DJ Lessons In Virtual Reality

It can be difficult to learn how to DJ without an instructor by your side showing you the ropes. It’s also hard to work remotely with a DJ instructor because you’re not standing at the decks reviewing the process.

This is exactly why we’ve partnered with TribeXR to pioneer the world of DJ education using virtual reality.

If you’re an aspiring DJ looking to hone your skills with a trained advisor, then 1 on 1, live VRDJ lessons might be perfect for you.

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No More Confusion

If you’ve ever struggled to understand the gear, concepts, and workflow of DJing, VR DJ lessons will set you straight.

The Tools You Need

All you need is to setup your VR headset, download the Tribe App (available on Oculus, Viveport, & Steam), and book a mentorship session below.


Start Rocking the Decks

To get started, book your 1 on 1 lesson with a VR DJ specialists at Pyramind. Just click the “DJing in VR with Tribe VR” link below, and pick your time to get started.


DJing is an extremely important part of modern music making so we highly recommend everyone learns the ropes.

If you’re ready to take your live performance to the next level with 1 on 1 mentorship, schedule a VR lesson with the form below.

We’re excited to hear your set!